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Lafange nawab movie

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Director: Manoj Mishra
Writer: Abid Hussain
Cast: Robin Sohi
Ritam Bhardwaj
Larissa Chakz
Ratan Rathore
Manoj Bakshi
Nisha Shrivastav
Production Co: A Gulshan Anand Films
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: February 2019 (India).
Genres: Drama

Lafange Nawab Full Movie Download



Lafange Nawaab Movie depicts the father-son’s connection and the truth of artificial friendship. The story turns around Yug @ his father. His father is some businessman @ always wanted his boy to be his replacement but Yug has a talented band with his 4-5 friends @ they play at small issues which his father view it as trivial. He asks Yug join his business and give the band as his supporters are not his real one.┬álafange nawab cast┬álafange nawab film

They are with him continuously he has money @ fame. To teach him a lesson his dad plans a false murder of Ammie who survives at their house. He convinces him (Yug) that in the method of cleaning the pistol he casually killed Ammie @asked him to dispose of the dead material with the help of his colleagues. But none of his friends, whom he viewed as his best buddies, come forward to support them @finally they both influence of the body. His father insists him to hold the dead form of Ammie as they both were thought to get coupled. When he checked the pouch bag, there was a Signed by Ashwani Shukla

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