Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha Full Movie HD Download

Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha Full Movie HD Download

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Director: Sachin Gupta
Writer: Sachin Gupta
Cast overview:
Sandeep Singh
Anamika Shukla
Shalini Chauhan
Sikander Khan
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 26 January 2019 (India)
Genres: Drama

Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha Full Movie HD Download



mansukh chaturvedi ki atmakatha movie In the by-lanes from Etawah, a superstar is shown. Mansukh, the superstar that is not yet high on Bollywood charts but clearly, rules over the minds of his people. Being the heartthrob of this city with his head on the films, his father’s affairs ring no bell in Mansukh’s ear. Nor makes Munia’s affectionate cares about her useless fellow. However, for Mansukh, fantasising about doing the ‘Raving Hollywood star-Mansukh’ is not unique to his unreal life.mansukh chaturvedi ki atmakatha trailer mansukh chaturvedi ki atmakatha cast mansukh chaturvedi ki atmakatha full mansukh chaturvedi ki atmakatha full hd

Alas, only if you were no good-for-nothing, Mansukh. The mad tale of a small town boy’s thoughts to be the superstar of the Silver screen @ star of all responses. And, a struggle of two characters his father @ Munia, to bring him behind to the right path of this real world @ reform his uselessness. But the question is, will the couple equal worlds meet? The conflict of Mansukh’s father with the staff of Munia’s purposes, it is indeed a task to get Mansukh realise the reality of the way he is onto.

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