Bhaagte Raho Full Movie In HD Download

Bhaagte Raho Movie

Bhaagte Raho 1

Director: Praful D.S. Tiwari
Cast: Riya Deepsi
Mukesh Fotwani
Dinesh Hingoo
Mukesh Khanna
Abhay Raichand
Rajpal Yadav
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 14 December 2018 (India)
Genres: Comedy



Bhaagte Raho Full Movie In HD Download


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How the life of an young cook (Abhay Raichand) who runs in a military cantonment needs a twist and becomes wherein he meets more 9 young and idiot people gets the audience on the laughter ride. The chef with dreams of creating his personal army with 9 stupid people leads them, that makes the trade more comic. bhaagte Raho watch online bhaagte raho movie review bhaagte raho wiki bhaagte raho movie song download  bhaagte Raho trailer

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He finds his passion (Riya Deepsi) at the same rate and entangled with an actual term for achieving his love, He has to see the key to unlock his End. Apparently, the key of his destiny has happened eaten by a pug (dog) and the chef and his army are after him and so is a Funny Mafia (Rajpal Yadav) and his band. Who gets the key? What’s in this key? Does the cook get his desire? What’s that behind which everyone is competing for? Is unfolded as a slapstick parody in this story. Bhaagte Raho is a non-stop effort romantic comedy style film being a family entertainer also a laughter riot story.

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